The Wagoland Project, an English Immersion Preschool combined with Japanese Nursery School and tailored specifically to children in Japan,is the first of its kind for Japan. The goal of the school is to raise children to have pride and confidence in their own identity while also giving them the skills needed to succeed worldwide. The name “Wago” derives froma combination of Japanese and English. “Wa”, representing the kanjicharacter “和” and with it the children’s Japanese Identities, then “Go!” representing the ability to move forward with what they do in life letting nothing hold them back. Wagoland will be opening their flagship school in Nakameguro, Tokyo, in April 2012. On offer are a range of courses with the highlights includingan English Immersion Preschool course coupled with Japanese Nurseryschool aimed at 3 to 5 year old students and also an English Immersion
After School Care program aimed at young primary school aged students.With the opportunity to overcome language barriers and gain all important communication skills, students will thrive. Language, although important, is just one portion of the education provided. With an original curriculum built on Wagoland’s exclusive “Edueight” model the students will amongst other things, learn to express themselves and be thoughtful of others, be exposed to Arts and Nature and also through astrong Physical Attainment program grow to be strong and healthy in both mind and body. Led by Project Leader Keiko Nakai, the former Vice Principal at the first ever privately owned and government accredited International elementary school in Japan, Wagoland is the collaboration of both Japanese and Native English teachers with a passion to take learning to the next level



Pre-school (3 to 5 years old)

Course A(8:00〜18:00): Japanese preschool+English Immersion+Physical Attainment+Knowledge building

Course B(9:30〜15:00): English Immersion+Physical Attainment

We also have an Afterschool program for preschool aged children, a Mom and Kids class for children up to 3 years of age and a Pre-entry level class for 2 to 3 year olds.

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Address: 〒153-0061
1-1-45 Nakameguro Meguroku Tokyo TEL : 03-5773-5088